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Title Name Role
Veronica Mars Steve Botando
Forget About It Anthony Amato
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang B-Movie Actor
Raiders of the Damned Lewis
Dead Easy Simon Storm
Phantom Force Mark Dupree
Webs Dean
Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain Mark
Book of Days Mr. Finch
Fish Don't Blink Pete
Last Cry J.C. Gale
Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard the Orient Express Jack Chase
Manhattan Midnight Midnight
Final Payback Joey Randall
Point Doom Rick Hansen
Vital Parts Ty Kinnick
Sweet Revenge Frank
Heaven or Vegas Navy
Ultimate Deception Bobby Woodkin
A Night at the Roxbury Richard Grieco
Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights Sinbad
Blackheart Ray
Captive Joe Goodis
The Gardener Dean
Michael Angel Michael Killan
When Time Expires Travis Beck
Against the Law Rex
The Journey: Absolution Sgt. Bradley
Mutual Needs Brandon Collier
The Incredible Hulk Ghost Rider
Inhumanoid Adam
Gargoyles Tony Dracon
It Was Him or Us Gene Shepard
Fantastic Four Ghost Rider
Marker Richard DeMorra
The Demolitionist Mad Dog Burne
A Vow to Kill Eric
Sin & Redemption Jim McDaniels
Bolt Bolt
Suspicious Agenda Tony Castagne
Nick's Game Del Pizzo, Nick
Born to Run Nicky Donatello
Tomcat: Dangerous Desires Tom
Mobsters Bugsy Siegel
If Looks Could Kill Michael Corben
Booker Dennis Booker
21 Jump Street Officer Dennis Booker
The Facts of Life Ben
Who's the Boss? Maurizio
Rags to Riches Billy Gallento
One Life to Live Rick Gardner (1986-1987)

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