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Title Name Role
Busted Wilburt
RoboDoc Jason Dockery
Working Title Hines
Boston Strangler: The Untold Story Albert De Salvo
The Hustle Benny
The Batman David
Leo David
Puff, Puff, Pass Steve
Loonatics Unleashed Arthur/Time Skip
Pucked Carl
Freezerburn Paul the P.A.
One on One Chad
Nice Guys Ben
What's New, Scooby-Doo? Curt Crunch
The Help Adam Ridgeway
The Bernie Mac Show Droobie
Static Shock Starburst
The Rerun Show Pete
The X Files Michael Daley
Going to California Kurt Beamis
10 Attitudes Billy (Attitude #3)
Killer Bud Buzz Frawley
Cover Me Older Chance, Narrator
The Zeta Project Scruffy
MacArthur Park Bobby
Intimate Portrait Narrator
Nash Bridges Denny
Get Your Stuff Ron
Batman Beyond Sean Wallace
Unhappily Ever After Jimbo Bacilli
The New Addams Family Greg the Alien
Jesse Dwayne
Dirt Merchant Sponge
The Heist Chuck
12 Bucks Cornfed
Lovers and Liars Darrel
Married with Children Bud Bundy
Mad TV Host
Kiss & Tell Stripe-E, 'The Bird'
Dead Man's Island Haskell Prescott
Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'Hara Story Joey Pagan
Burke's Law Carl Loomis
CBS Schoolbreak Special Travis Bickle
Top of the Heap Bud Bundy
Perfect Harmony Paul
Parker Lewis Can't Lose Bud Bundy
The Gummi Bears Cavin
Bride of Boogedy Corwin Davis
The Twilight Zone Micah Frost
CBS Schoolbreak Special Louie Dawson
Mr. Boogedy Corwin Davis
Love, Mary Christopher
I Had Three Wives Andrew Beaudine
Highway to Heaven Robbie Down
E/R Randy Beal
St. Elsewhere Boy
Velvet Billy Vandermeer
Family Ties Keith Bailey
The Star Chamber Tony Hardin
Shooting Stars Patrick
Summer Girl Jason Shelburne
In the Custody of Strangers David
I Ought to Be in Pictures Martin
The Ordeal of Bill Carney Eddie Carney
Little House on the Prairie Josh
Act of Love Joey

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