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Title Name Role
Primal Scream Jesse
Harper's Island Hunter Jennings (2009)
Lincoln Heights Dr. Christian Mario
Dirt Trey Paulson
Heart of a Dragon Rick Hansen
Moonlight Owen Haggans
Sands of Oblivion Mark
Navy NCIS Dane Hogan
CSI Roberto Chavez
Reba Sexy personal trainer Jordan
Charmed Coop
Life Happens Chuck
Related Marco
Emily's Reasons Why Not Stan
Man vs. Monday Paul
Noah's Arc Brett
Inconceivable Sam Marrak
Must Love Dogs Eric
Las Vegas Estefan
Dirty Love Richard
Mutant X Brennan Mulwray
Sex and the City Chip Kil-Kinney
Bringing Down the House Glen
Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled Hunter
V.I.P. Dean McGee
Becker Craig
Baywatch Lyle Garrett
The Chippendales Murder Marco Carolo
Gangland Joey
Days of Our Lives Nicholas James Alamain #2 (1999-2000)
Days of Our Lives Nicholas Alamain
The Lot Victor Mansfield
Sunset Beach Roger

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