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Title Name Role
My One and Only Bud
Burning Palms Robert Kane
Kalamity Billy Klepack
The Speed of Thought Joshua Lazarus
In NorthWood Allen
Sleepwalking James
Quid Pro Quo Isaac Knott
How to Rob a Bank Jinx
The Night of the White Pants Horace 'Raff' Rafferty
Sin City Roark Jr./Yellow Bastard
Carnivàle Ben Hawkins
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines John Connor
T3 Visual Effects Lab John Connor
Twist Dodge
Bookies Toby
Wasted Chris
Taboo Christian Turner
Bully Bobby Kent
The Sleepy Time Gal Morgan
In the Bedroom Frank Fowler
Sunset Strip Zach
All Forgotten Vladimir
Seasons of Love Adult Grover
The Thin Red Line Pfc - Beade
Hercules Castor
Soundman Tommy Pepin
Disturbing Behavior Gavin Strick
Eye of God Tom Spencer
Promised Land Billy Sullivan
My Son Is Innocent Eric Sutter
Blue River Young Edward
Tall Tale Daniel Hackett
Safe Passage Simon Singer
Incident in a Small Town John Bell Trenton
The Man Without a Face Charles E. 'Chuck' Norstadt
Woman with a Past Brian
Stranger at My Door Robert Fortier

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