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Title Name Role
First Offense Peter
Maximum Thrust 3 Peter
North Pole #35 Peter
North Pole #29 Peter
Deep Throat This 2 Peter
North Pole #22 Peter
North Pole #23 Peter North
North Pole #25 Peter
North Pole #19 Peter North
Hawaiian Blast Don
North Pole #10 Peter North
L.A. Fashion Girls Boxcar
North Pole #2 Peter North
Red Vibe Diaries 2: Dark Desires Flashlight guy
Lady Luck High Roller
New Wave Hookers 5 Mega Splasher
Up Your Ass 5 Peter
Hard Evidence Monica's Friend
Masque Corporate Executive
Smooth Ride Don
Car Wash Angels Dr. Desperado
The Dream Team David Malcom, Private Eye
Erotic Visions Music lover (segment "Opus")
Gangbusters NonSex
Girls on Girls Dimitrius
The Kiss Andy, Jenna's Agent
More Sorority Stewardesses Dr. Deke Desperado
Priceless Mickey Price/Michael Hill
Sarah & Friends 12 Psychologist
Sorority Stewardesses Dr. Deke Desperado
Virtual Reality 69 1st VR Scene
Anal Persuasion Bob South
Glen & Glenda Johnny
Sloppy Seconds Mysterious Stranger
Stiff Competition 2 Jeff
Wicked As She Seems Businessman #2
Anal Attitude Professor Benedict
Anal Sexual Silence Steve
Bare Market Gerald
Caged Fury Justin
En Garde! Reece Shawn
The Girls' Club NonSex
Heads or Tails? Johnny
Nasty Nymphos 3 Peter
Plan 69 from Outer Space Major Biff Bummer, the hero-type pilot
Southern Cumfort Jim South
Whispered Lies Joel
Angels Caesar
Busted Gestapo officer
Herman's Bed Herman
Indian Summer Valerie's Dream Guy
Sex Under Glass John
Seymore Butts: In the Love Shack Peter
Sorority Sex Kittens Bobo Brother Bob
Valley of the Bi-Dolls Peter
The Adventures of Mikki Finn Nestor Lewis
Bad Jeff
Friends and Lovers Danny
Friends & Lovers: The Sequel Danny
The Hindlick Maneuver Peter
Malibu Spice Sports Instructor
Mirage Paul Drake
New Wave Hookers 2 First trick in alley
Passages 1 Amy's Dream Lover
Passages 2 Amy's Dream Lover
Passages 3 Amy's Dream Lover
Passages 4 Amy's Dream Lover
Sophisticated Lady Zara's Husband
As the Spirit Moves You Sam Tucker
Bimbo Bowlers from Boston Wilbur
The Coming of Christy An Actor
Dr. Jeckel & Ms. Hide Lance
Rainwoman 4 Peter
Sex Trek: The Next Penetration Cmd Cur Raff, Dingon Leader
Stairway to Paradise Deacon Peabody/Stonepoker
Swedish Erotica Featurettes 4 NonSex
Vegas 2: Snake Eyes Scotty the Pick
Vogue Vogue
The Big Thrill Manuel
Busted Morry
The Chameleon Man #3
Deep Throat III Paul
Educating Kascha 1st Couple on Video
Hard Sell Pizza Delivery Guy
Hawaii Vice Part III: Beyond the Badge Peter
The Invisible Girl Dean Jones
Live In, Love In Mr. Hurley
Perils of Paula Dick dildo
Splendor in the Ass Westley
To the Top: The Nicole Stanton Story Part Two Tom
X Dreams The Jester
The Young and the Wrestling 2 Captain America
Young Girls in Tight Jeans Kindly Young Pierre
The Catwoman Eddie a Heyna
Angel Rising Dell
Angel's Back! Angel's Boyfriend
Best of Caught from Behind 2 Host
Candy's Little Sister, Sugar Al Fresco
Goin' Down Slow Jim
Loose Ends IV: The Ultimate Tail Luke
Surfside Sex Bud
Wild in the Wilderness Flambo
Ginger & Spice Leon
Barbara the Barbarian Dimitrius
Dirty Prancing Man In Charge/Boss
Kinky Mr. Wristlog
Nightshift Nurses Lance Weed
Out of Control Paul
Passionate Heiress Roger
Pretty Peaches 2 Bobby
Ramb-Ohh: The Sex Platoon RAMB-Ohh
Slightly Used Male Model
The World According to Ginger Alexander/Salem Villager/Piggy
Gentlemen Prefer Ginger Louis
Blame It on Ginger Buck
Cat Alley Brandon Frederick
The Devil in Miss Jones 3: A New Beginning Willy and slutman with Justine
Hannah Does Her Sisters Priest
In Search of the Golden Bone James, the chauffer
Sheila's Deep Desires Dr. Tom Proctor
Star Cuts 33: Kari Foxx Blanche's boss
Below the Belt Matt Ramsey
Adult 45 Peter
Adventures of Tracy Dick: The Case of the Missing Stiff The Oily Lawyer
Animal in Me Warren
Black Throat Slave/Mambo's client
Diamond Collection 65 Lily's Boyfriend
Diamond Collection 69 The Lawyer
Educating Mandy Lawyer
Gang Bang Pete
Ginger on the Rocks Kurt
Harlequin Affair Jack
Head and Tails! Dawn's boyfirend
Hollywood Starlets Talent Agent
Indecent Itch Girls & Toys & Boys Video
It's My Body Guy
Like a Virgin Harry
Love Bites Man in elevator
Lust at the Top Brad Watkins
New Wave Hookers The Sheik
Perfect Fit Tarzane
Poonies Voodoo
Ribald Tales of Canterbury Alan
Savage Fury Rapist
Shape-Up for Sensational Sex Guy on couch
Sizzling Suburbia Mike
Tailhouse Rock The Roadie and Narrator
Thrill St. Blues Cop
Virgin Heat Greg
Whore of the Worlds Guy on brass bed
Sister Dearest Gil Turner
Talk Dirty to Me, Part III John
Bare Elegance Guy in dream
Breaking It Brian
China and Silk Party guest
Electric Blue 18 Antique shop clerk
Electric Blue 19 Burgler
Lust in the Fast Lane Jim
Night of Loving Dangerously George
On Golden Blonde Suitor #2
Stiff Competition Tammy's Stud in Finals
Too Good to Be True Tom
Wild Weekend Alan
Young and Naughty Boyfriend

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