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Title Name Role
The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake Sir Francis Drake
Eyeborgs R. J. 'Gunner' Reynolds
Nine Miles Down Thomas 'Jack' Jackman
The Heavy Christian Mason
Wraiths of Roanoke Ananias Dare
Highlander: The Source Duncan MacLeod
Séance Spence
Little Chicago Frank Newcome
Throttle Gavin Matheson
Tides of War Commander Frank Habley
Moscow Heat Andrew Chambers
Alien Tracker Cole
Nemesis Game Vern
Charmed Jeric
Tracker Cole/Daggon
Storm Watch Neville
Relic Hunter Lucas Blackmer
The Void Prof. Steven Price
The Breed Aaron Gray
Highlander: Endgame Duncan MacLeod
Convergence Brady Traub/Young Brady
Merlin: The Return Lancelot
Susan's Plan Paul Holland
Highlander Duncan 'Mac/Highlander' MacLeod
Dead Men Can't Dance Shooter
The Cover Girl Murders Patrice (Photographer)
Love Potion No. 9 Enrico Pazzoli
Tarzán Jack Traverse
Murder, She Wrote Edward Hale
The Owl The Owl
Dark Shadows Jeremiah Collins
War of the Worlds John Kincaid
Masque of the Red Death Prospero
Dance to Win Billy James
Beauty and the Beast Dmitri Benko
Last Rites Tony
Shooter Ian
The Colbys Kolya (Nikolai) Rostov (1986-1987)
The Colbys Kolya 'Nikolai' Rostov

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