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Title Name Role
Public Enemies Homer Van Meter
Black Water Transit Nicky
Felon Wade Porter
Skip Tracer Skip King
The Passage Luke
Botched Ritchie
Nanking Lewis Smythe
.45 Reilly
World Trade Center Scott Strauss
Covert One: The Hades Factor Jon Smith
Far Cry Instincts Jack Carver
Shadowboxer Clayton Mayfield
Stacked Audience Member
Tennis, Anyone...? T.C. Jackson
Alone in the Dark Cmdr. Richard Burke
Britney Spears: Greatest Hits - My Prerogative Boyfriend (segment "Everytime")
Cold Creek Manor Dale Massie
Den of Lions Mike Varga
FeardotCom Detective Mike Reilly
Riders Slim
Deuces Wild Leon
Cecil B. DeMented Cecil
Quantum Project Paul Pentcho
Entropy Jake Walsh
Earthly Possessions Jake Simms, Jr.
Blade Deacon Frost
City of Industry Skip Kovich
Blood and Wine Jason
Space Truckers Mike Pucci
I Shot Andy Warhol Candy Darling
Reckless Tom Jr.
Innocent Lies Jeremy Graves
Cent et une nuits de Simon Cinéma, Les Un acteur muet à Hollywood
S.F.W. Cliff Spab
Backbeat Stuart Sutcliffe
Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look at Alicia Silverstone's boyfriend in 'Cryin'
Judgment Night John Wyatt
Adam Guest
An Ambush of Ghosts George Betts
Rescue Me Fraser Sweeney
The Power of One P.K. Age 18
Blossom Bobby
Always Remember I Love You Robert Mendham
What a Dummy Tucker Brannigan (age 16)
The Outsiders Bobby Dean
A Son's Promise Charles O'Kelley
Father Dowling Mysteries Mark Oskowski
Roseanne Jimmy Meltrigger
Do You Know the Muffin Man? Sandy Dollison
I Know My First Name Is Steven Pete
Married with Children Boz
Empty Nest Billy at 14
The Absent-Minded Professor Curtis
Hiroshima Maiden Johnny Bennett
Mutts Eric Gillman
The Gate Glen
In Love and War Stan age 9
Diff'rent Strokes Scott
Still the Beaver Tony

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